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Presented in conjunction with T. Rowe Price and delivered by Kamal Sarma and the team at Rezilium

Resilience is one of the most important leadership issues we face today. As we enter into a more volatile and uncertain world those individuals and teams who have invested in their resilience will be those that thrive.

So many times however we get caught up in the business of every day life that we forget to
make time to focus on the things that matter. The Resilience Program that has been created by FEAL and sponsored by T. Rowe Price is targeted at filling this gap.

Course Syllabus

Year 1

Personal Resilience

  • Creating mental resilience to deal with information overload
  • Emotional resilience to deal with increasing levels of uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Understanding how to replenish after stressful times

Year 2

Team Resilience 

  • Creating team connection
  • Aligning expectations to minimize conflict
  • Creating a team environment where people are achieving their very best

Year 3

Organisational Resilience

  • How to ensure each part of the organisation is working alongside one another
  • How to create a culture where people are authentic and take responsibility
  • How to reinforce the vision so it supports the organisation.

FEAL, T. Rowe Price and Rezilium will be constantly working with the FEAL membership to make sure that the content is relevant and actionable. This will be done via interviews and surveys to find out what are the most pressing issues facing the membership.

Course Delivery

Keynote Addresses
This will cover off at a high level what are the main issues. These sessions are designed to create awareness and provide some insights into Resilience.

Capital cities workshops
Workshops will be conducted in selected major cities. These workshops will enable participants to delve deeper into specific resilience tools. These workshops are designed to be interactive and hands on. These workshops will be 2 hours in duration.

Team Resilience Scholarship
Each year a Team Resilience Scholarship will be awarded. The team scholarship is designed to assist a team to increase their level of resilience and will be conducted with an executive leadership team in conjunction with a team offsite. This scholarship will be a bespoke program designed specifically to address team issues. This program will be 1 day in duration.

Online tools and articles
Articles and videos will be available to participants to support key insights from this program.

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