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2020 Events

2019 Events

FEAL AGM & PIMCO Luncheon Briefing
Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

October Luncheon briefing

Click here to view Marc Barrington, CEO, SIMEC Energy Australia

September Luncheon Briefing

Click here to view the presentation

FEAL National Conference

Richard Boele, Global Leader, Business and Human Rights Services, KPMG Australia.
How can Super be more human?

Susan Thorp – Professor of Finance, The University of Sydney
The Economic Impact of Superannuation

Helen Steel – CEO, Shared Value
Superannuation: A critical tool for social progress

Harvard Business Review – Creating Shared Value

July Luncheon Briefing

TAL Presentation

Fund Executive Forum

Presentations upon request

2018 Events

FEAL AGM & PIMCO Luncheon Briefing
Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

FEAL Strategy Seminar

FEAL’s strategy seminar summary.

The strategic shift required to move our system towards a focus on retirement and fulfil regulatory requirements by 2020 by Adam Gee – KPMG

FEAL National Conference

Principles and Values – charting your course through shifting societal expections
Professor Andrew Johns

Helen Rowell – Deputy Chairman of APRA

Graham Harman – Senior Investment Strategist – Russell Investments

Angus Armour – MD and CEO of AICD

Karen Chester – Deputy Commissioner, Productivity Commission. Presentation available upon request.

June Luncheon Briefing

Digital Innovation and Data
Future of Finance – what to expect from digital transformation

BNP Paribas

EY Financial Services Advisory – Available upon request, please contact the FEAL office.

Fund Executive Forum Presentations

Sara Daymond – VicSuper

Simon Bell – Melbourne University

Katherine Woodthorpe AO

Dave Woodall – SunSuper

February Luncheon Briefing

‘Super in the age of the customer’ – insights from other industries’.

Mark Hassell, Partner – Customer, Brand and Marketing Advisory at KPMG

2018 CSBA FEAL Superannuation Customer Experience Benchmarking: Customer experience matters brochure.

CSBA 2018/2019 RegistrationCSBA FEAL Superannuation CX/NPS Benchmarking


2017 Events

FEAL AGM & PIMCO Luncheon Briefing
Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

FEAL Strategy Seminar

FEAL Strategy presentation

Better Outcomes with Better Data – Darrell Ludowyke

Looking at super wealth… at the household level – Jeremy Cooper

The data funds need to keep and better serve their members – Michael Quinn

FEAL September Luncheon Briefing

Click here to view the presentation on
Change Management by Matt O’Keefe – KPMG

FEAL National Conference

Ravi Dutta – Behavioural Insights Team
Jesse Jansen 
Sydney University Medical School – Presentation upon request
Ken Lee 
Belleview Research – Presentation upon request
Stefan Hajkowicz
CSIRO/Data61 Insight Team – Presentation upon request

FEAL July Luncheon Briefing

Sustainable Finance & Investment:
“What gets measured gets done”
click here to view the presentation.

FEAL April Luncheon Briefing

“The Chinese Dream” Versus “America First”
Click here to view Alex Wolf’s presentation

FEAL Fund Executive Forum presentations

Professor Susan Thorp – Sydney University
Adam Gee – SuperRatings
Dr Carsten Murawski – Melbourne University
Stefano Turconi – London Business School – Presentation upon request

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