FEAL offers a range of events that focus on current and relevant issues affecting the superannuation and investment industries. Attendance, except for the National Conference, is restricted to FEAL members and their invited guests.

Attendance at FEAL Luncheon sessions is included in your FEAL membership – no additional costs apply.


September Luncheon Briefing: Change Management

The industry is changing faster than ever.  Member expectations are increasing, technology is disrupting, the reform burden continues, consolidation is occurring, competition is on the increase and the press is looking for a story!

Funds are actively creating strategies that will deliver results over the coming years but is a clear vision and sheer determination enough?

How do successful organisations manage change?  What do they need to consider?  How do they ensure all their people are aligned? How do they work with customers and suppliers? How do they celebrate success?

Facilitator: Suzanne Holden – Chief Executive Officer, Link Group
Guest speaker: Matt O’Keefe – Partner, KPMG


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October FEAL Strategy Seminar: The data funds need to keep and better serve their members

In order to retain and serve our members better, we first have to know more about them; their goals and whether they propose to share the cost of retirement with a partner or alone. Funds will have to look at retirement from a household level, rather than individual member basis. But where do super funds start? We will discuss information sources, technological solutions, and the relationship between better member data and various advice models. Participants will also engage in a workshop on minimum data points funds should be aiming to collect.

The FEAL Strategy seminar will discuss these challenges with the help of industry leaders and commentators.

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