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The theme for the 2017 FEAL Fund Executive Forum was “Strategic Decision Making”.

The Fund Executive Forum is one of FEAL’s most significant annual programs, providing a much needed opportunity for fund CEOs and senior members of their teams to gather from around Australia to discuss and debate significant issues impacting our industry.

We were delighted  Stefano Turconi, Sloan Fellow, Lecturer & Researcher from the London Business School joined us in Sydney for the Fund Executive Forum.

Stefano TurconiStefano is an expert in the
area of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and has worked with many international companies in recent years on implementation of strategy including Deutsche Bank and Thomson Reuters.
Stefano spoke on “Simple Rules for Complex Decisions: How to Make Decisions and Take Action Quickly and Effectively with Limited Resources.”

Other sessions included:
“Why do we make the decisions we do? How do our brains work”? We heard an explanation of the neuro science behind the decisions we make from guest speaker Dr Carsten Murawski, an economist, Department of Finance and co-head of the Decision Neuroscience Laboratory at The University of Melbourne. His work focuses on intertemporal choice, learning about uncertainty, and problem-solving (optimisation).

“How members make decisions, what influences their decisions and what we can learn”. We heard from Professor Susan Thorp, Professor of Finance at Sydney University. Professor Thorp researches life cycle finance, particularly individual financial decision making, and financial market integration. She has published over thirty academic papers in leading publications including the Review of Finance and the Journal of Banking and Finance.

“Decision making in critical situations, what can we learn from an industry where life threatening outcomes may result from the decisions made”? We also heard from Greg Mullins, former Commissioner of Fire & Rescue NSW.  Greg served in operational and specialist positions and from 2003 to 2016 was Commissioner of Fire & Rescue NSW.

Fund Executive Forum Program

Fund Executive Forum Presentations

Professor Susan Thorp – Sydney University
Adam Gee – SuperRatings
Stefano – Turconi – London Business School
* If you would like a copy of Stefano’s presentation, please contact the FEAL office.

Major General John Cantwell AM
The Forum dinner guest speaker was: Major General John Cantwell AM – Retired General in the Australian Army and Author.



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